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Navigating the Legal Seas: The Operation and Regulation of Jack-Up Barges

In the realm of maritime construction and offshore operations, the jack-up barge stands out as a pivotal asset. Characterized by its ability to elevate above the water’s surface on legs, typically for offshore oil drilling, wind farm installations, and other marine construction projects, the jack-up barge provides a stable platform even in challenging sea conditions. […]

Spud Barge Operations and Legal Considerations in Maritime Law

A spud barge, an essential asset in the maritime and construction industries, is distinguished by its use of spuds – large, heavy poles that can be lowered into the seabed to anchor the barge firmly in place during operations. This unique feature makes spud barges ideal for a variety of tasks, including dredging, marine construction, […]

Yacht Ownership After Divorce: What You Need to Know

Yachts are among the most valuable and complex assets that couples may own during their marriage. However, when a marriage ends in divorce, the question of who gets to keep the yacht can be a source of conflict and confusion. Depending on the state where the divorce is filed, the laws governing yacht ownership after […]

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