Category: Environmental Law and Maritime Pollution

Marine Protected Areas and Biodiversity Conservation

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) have emerged as a crucial tool in the global effort to preserve marine biodiversity and sustain the ecological health of our oceans. As areas designated for the protection and maintenance of biological diversity, MPAs help manage human activities, especially those that are harmful, allowing marine and coastal ecosystems to recover and […]

Guardians of Marine Life: Maritime Law and the Protection of Biodiversity

As a yacht owner and a mother who regularly ventures into the sea with her family, the protection of marine biodiversity is a subject close to my heart. Maritime law, often seen as a complex web of regulations, is a key player in safeguarding the rich diversity of life in our oceans. The increasing threats […]

Icy Waters: Navigating the Legal Challenges in the Arctic

The Arctic, with its vast expanses of ice and unique wildlife, holds a special allure for those like myself who are drawn to the sea. As a yacht owner and someone who frequently explores marine environments, I have developed a deep appreciation for these icy waters. However, the Arctic is not just a place of […]

Balancing Ballast: Legal Considerations in Ballast Water Management

As a maritime lawyer, I have dealt with the complexities of ballast water management, a critical yet often overlooked aspect of maritime operations. My experience in maritime law, combined with a keen interest in ships and environmental preservation, has given me insight into the legal intricacies of managing ballast water. I talk about the legal […]

Rising Tides: The Role of Maritime Law in Addressing Climate Change

As a lifelong enthusiast of the sea, a yacht owner, and an avid fisher, my connection with the ocean is profound. However, with this connection comes a keen awareness of the rapidly changing marine environment due to climate change. In this context, the role of maritime law becomes not just relevant but essential in addressing […]

Motorboat Oil Spills: Our Responsibility to Protect the Waters

Hi there, I’m Laura, a mom of three and a true water enthusiast who loves nothing more than heading out on the waves with my husband and two sons for some thrilling motorboat fishing. Today, I want to discuss a topic that’s incredibly important, yet often overlooked – oil spills caused by motorboats.

Environmental Impact Assessment of Offshore Activities

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a critical legal procedure with the goal of identifying, predicting, evaluating, and mitigating potential environmental impacts of proposed projects before they gain approval or are put into action. EIA is particularly essential in ensuring that offshore activities, including oil and gas exploration, offshore wind farms, and renewable energy systems, are […]

Yacht recycling: legal perspective

From a legal perspective, the disposal of yachts and other vessels is a complex issue that involves various stages, from the prevention and reduction of waste generation to the actual handling of wastes. This life-cycle approach to waste management includes collection, transport, monitoring, and treatment (re-use, recycling, energy recovery, and final disposal, e.g., landfill) of […]

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