Month: September 2023

Maritime Law and a Boat Adrift: Rights, Responsibilities, and Legal Implications

A boat adrift at sea can present a challenging situation governed by maritime law. Whether it’s a vessel that has become untethered from its moorings or a ship in distress, understanding the legal aspects is crucial. We’ll explore the rights, responsibilities, and legal implications of a boat adrift at sea.

Yacht Ownership After Divorce: What You Need to Know

Yachts are among the most valuable and complex assets that couples may own during their marriage. However, when a marriage ends in divorce, the question of who gets to keep the yacht can be a source of conflict and confusion. Depending on the state where the divorce is filed, the laws governing yacht ownership after […]

Yacht Rental: What You Need to Know Before You Rent a Yacht

Yacht rental, also known as yacht charter, is the practice of renting a sailboat or motor yacht and travelling to various coastal or island destinations, for business or vacation. Yacht rental can be a great way to enjoy the sea, the sun and the scenery, but it also involves some legal aspects that you need […]

Maritime Law and Fishing: An Overview of the Legal Framework and Challenges

Fishing is one of the oldest and most important human activities, providing food, income and livelihoods for millions of people around the world. However, fishing also poses significant challenges for the conservation and management of marine resources, the protection of the marine environment, and the respect for human rights and labor standards. To address these […]

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